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A new documentary from Michele Brangwen features the incredible musicians of NDR Bigband, also known as the Hamburg Radio Jazz Orchestra. Billed as a big band of soloists, the artists perform "A Conversation," a suite by Grammy-nominated composer and trumpeter Tim Hagans, who also conducts and solos. This film follows the band as they rehearse and perform this unique composition that reconfigures the traditional placement on stage of the musicians to facilitate wild and inspired musical conversation. Performers discuss their connection to the music and to each other. Filmed in October 2021 during pandemic, the work chronicles musicians coming together to make art during a time when it is needed most.



A Conversation is a new CD from Tim Hagans & the NDR Bigband.

      - Downbeat Editors Pick June 2021

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A Conversation is a muti-movement jazz concerto that is meant to explore, illuminate, and perhaps, to resolve an exchange of ideas.


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Asa Nisi Masa is a new dance and music film from the Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble that takes its title from the childhood incantation spoken in Federico Fellini's film 8 1/2.

The phrase Asa Nisi Masa conjures a beautiful memory for the main character in the film of a time filled with caring and love.


Asa Nisi Masa, with choreography, editing and costumes by Michele Brangwen and music composed by Danielle Reich, Thomas Helton and Tim Hagans, also features movement and music created spontaneously in the moment by all performers: dancers Robin Gilbert, Cristian Laverde König and Michele Brangwen; saxophonists Robin Verheyen and Jon Irabagon; trumpeter Tim Hagans; bassist Thomas Helton; and vocalist Danielle Reich.


The idea behind the film was to create a kind of dance and music incantation and send it out into the world.

The film above, "To Your Constant Embrace, The Cloud Stream Sways" features music by Danielle Reich, with myself & the Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble. It speaks to our being togther, even though we are apart. 


The film below is entitled "Orchid People." I was elated to have co-written the music for this film with Anders Mogensen & Thomas Helton, and to have performed in it as well. It is a beautiful and uplifting short, made safely during these times. #artistsaarestillhere

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